Multiple Cemical Sensitiity is a disorder in which people develop greatly increased reactions to chemicals and other irritants in the environment.  Th effects of MCS on multiple organ systems can be mild, severe, immediate, delayed transitory, chronic or disabling. At the present tme there is no cure and the primary treatments are avoidance, reducing the environmental exposues and life style accommodatons in the home, work or school settings.
What Causes MCS?

MCS can be the result of a single massive exposure or repeated exposures to very low- evels of one or more neurotoxic chemicals in the home, school or at work.  Many of the workers in sick buildings, victms of chemical accidents, following pestcide or solvent exposures, people living near toxic waste sites or those whose air or water is highly polluted have been diagnosed with MCS.  It can start at any age, but usually around midlife.

What are the SYMPTOMS?

People with MCS experience a number of different symptoms in relatioship to their chemical exposures.  Symptoms may occur immediately or up to a few days after exposure. Reactions may last from a few minutes to a week or months depending on the type of exposure.

Eye ears, nose, throat irritations
Gastrointestinal problms
Heart Palpitatons
Muscles/joint pains
Neurological problems including
         Poor concenration
  Memory loss
         Seizure disorder.
Respiratory difficulties
Sleep Disorders
Skin problems
What are the TRIGGERS?

Building Materials                     Formaldehyde                   Tobacco SmokeToners
Chlorine                                   Gasoline                           Diesel exhaust
Cleaning Products                     Hair Spray                        Wood Burning Stoves
Computers                                Inks
Cologne                                    Latex
Cosmetics                                 Oil Based Paints
Deoderizers                               Perfumes
Detergents                                 Petrochemicals
Fabric Softeners                         Pesticides,insecticies,herbicides
Fabrics.                                     Solvents