President  - Carolyn  Wysocki        Vice President  -   Sue Riderman
Secretary  Joseph Uriicouli           Treasur  - Richard Helmecki
Executive Director
Elaine Tomko


2006 - 2007 ECHO Board of  Directors

     Nancy Barton            Connie Eash               David Evans Esq.      
     Pam Feathers             Richard  Helmecki     Connie Holbroke M.D.                      Linda Lancz              Mark Mitchell,MD     Sue Reidermann
     Carolyn Wysocki

Ecological Health Organization, Inc.
PO Box 8232
Berlin, Connecticut 06037


ECHO ANNUAL RETREAT  -  October 7, 2006 10 AM 

Topic: MCS Housing Needs 

            ECHO will hold its annual retreat at 10 AM on October 7, 2006 at East Beach – Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison – rain or shine.  A business meeting will be held to develop Goals and Objectives for 2006-07.  The group will then focus on MCS housing needs for people in Connecticut.  If you are interested in housing issues for MCS, please attend the retreat along with a local realtor who is interested in discussing MCS housing needs with us.

          Bring a covered dish to share along with a chair or two.    Parking is free.  Just take I-95 East or West to Exit 62 in Madison.  Follow the signs to East Beach.  We will be on East Beach, Hammonasset, at the picnic table area directly in front of the handicapped parking lot. 

Members are welcome to invite interested friends and relatives, but please remind visitors to refrain from wearing perfume, hairspray, aftershave, fabric-softener, or recently dry-cleaned clothes.  


            ECHO has developed three poster-board type displays to explain: 1) MCS cause and triggers;   2) pesticides hazards; and 3) health problems associated with fragrance chemicals.  We use these displays at various conferences, meetings and health fairs around the state. Volunteers are needed to staff  the ECHO Exhibit at the following events for the morning or full day. Call Carolyn at 860-828-4200 for further information.  

Thank you for your support and efforts on behalf of ECHO.    

Carolyn Wysocki, President of ECHO

-Community Works of CT (CWC),   Exhibits during September and October, 2006; Places to be announced

-October 21,  2006 – Saturday, 8:30-4:30 PM;   Environmental Justice Conference;   Capitol Community College, Hartford, CT

-November 13, 2006   Connecticut Nurses Association Conference, Crown Plaza, Cromwell, CT


-May 3, 2007, Legislative Office Building, Hartford CT  9-3 any  slot is helpful.

The meeting is fragrance-free.  Please refrain from wearing perfume, hairspray, aftershave, fabric softener, new leather or recently dry-cleaned clothes

 Thank you!


Presidents Annual Report
   by Carolyn  Wysocki,  M.A., MHSA            

May 2005

2004-2005 may have seemed as though it was somewhat of a quiet year for ECHO due to moves and family illnesses but upon reflection it was a very busy and productive year. ECHO undertook and supported a number of activities very quietly via the internet, teleconferences and in collaboration with other organizations.

For example, in the fall of 2004, Community Works arranged for ECHO to exhibit our MCS, Fragrances and Pesticide Display at Aetna and Northeast Utilities.  We also exhibited at the Central Connecticut Health District Health Fair and 2 days at the Connecticut Nurses Association Convention (CNA).  Health Care without Harm (HCWH) and American Nurses Association (ANA) helped to arrange our participation in this Convention for some 200 Nurses.

The CNA pre-conference “Environment & Health” CEU Workshop dealt with all of our issues – from cleaning products, IAQ, outdoor pollutants, pesticides, fragrances etc this was an excellent opportunity for MCS Education.   We were the only ones who had a display that day and were also invited to sit in on and called apon to actively participate in the discussions. Thus bringing in the concerns and health care needs of a person with MCS. I also talked with some 30 exhibitors from hospitals, Nursing Schools and Vendors on our issues.  This was another door opening to having accommodations and understanding for people with MCS or better yet a healthier, safe and green hospital for all.

Our involvement in Health Care continues through the Collaborative on Heath & the Environment (CHE) as a member of the Asthma, and Scientific Work Groups and with Heath Care Without Harm (HCWH) as a member of the Clean Med Planning Committee which is advertised as a Fragrance Free Event. We have also suggested having workshops on fragrances, pesticides IPM, disinfectants etc. By he way Clean Med, 2006 will be in Seattle Washington.
By now you may already know that Governor Jodi Rell has proclaimed May as “MCS Awareness Month” in Connecticut.  This is the 8th year in a row that ECHO has received a proclamation. Joe & I minded the ECHO Display at the Legislative Office Building and spoke to legislators, employees; lobbyist about Sick Buildings, MCS and the Pesticide Bill We had various videos running on pesticides, sick Building etc and handed out over 500 brochures.

Speaking of pesticides, special thanks go to those ECHO Members, Environmental Organizations, and garden clubs that solicited signatures for the Ban Lawn Care Pesticide petition. We now have over, 5,000 signatures. 

 Sue has been doing a great job keeping people currently informed  about pesticides, IPM Organic Gardening, etc. with updating the Grassroots newsletter every month.  ECHO has also been working with the H.E.L.P Coalition to support passage of the Pesticide Bill that would ban the use of lawn care pesticides at Day Care Centers.  Thanks to Sue for arranging to have the Pesticide PSA (Public Service Announcement) developed by another ECHO member to be aired on various radio stations this year. Has anyone heard it? It’s great.

In addition, ECHO gave oral and written testimony during the public hearings phase of this year’s bills on the Pesticide Bill on Day care Centers and the Clean Air, Diesel, School Indoor Air Quality Bills.

After 2 years of serving on the DPH/DEP Tracking Consortium, the fruits of these meetings will be found in a final report  which I will summarize at a another time. However it is good to know that MCS and ECHO have been included in the report and 2 recommendations relate to tracking non tradition chronic illnesses as MCS and those whose health has been affected by pesticides. ECHO and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are noted several areas of thre report .

Another Thank You to Sue and Nancy without who we would not have had a holiday luncheon or an  annual meeting.

As you can see, Advocacy and Education were a re-occurring theme this past year.   
However, as  needs and ideas  come forward along  with people volunteering  to fulfill them, ECHO would certainly expand our services,  Until then, ECHO will  be continuing   to focus on  the GOALS of Advocacy and Education  through collaboration, coordination and cooperation.

May 2004
A Happy, Healthier and Peaceful New Year to All  and  A Special 
Congratulations to ECHO on Its 10th Anniversary
     These past ten years have seen many changes and challenges for ECHO as 
an organization and particularly for those with MCS and their families.  An 
ECHO History Book is in the works, which will reflect many of the projects, 
and issues we have addressed throughout these years.
 In addition, there are several new Anniversary projects and activities 
being planned for the coming year.  You can find them among ECHO's 2002 Goals 
in this newsletter. Call any ECHO Board member or me if you have any other 
ideas or would like to help so that together we can make them a reality and a 
special year for ECHO. 
  Reality also hit home on September 11th.  The reality of the World 
Trade Center crash and collapse, as horrific as it was, goes beyond an act of 
terrorism.  While we with MCS grieve for the victims of the WTC, we can 
prophetically relate with and support the rescuers and the thousands of 
people affected by the smoke and chemical particles in the environment of the 
WTC.  It is no surprise that the workers at ground zero are having major 
health problems while key officials invited us to come to New York reporting 
that the air water and soil are safe.  We knew better.  We know the health 
dangers of toxic chemicals in environments.
 We clearly understand their concerns and those raised by the postal 
workers on the possibilities of anthrax cross-contamination as we try to 
eliminate perfume and fragrances from our incoming mail. There are still many 
unanswered questions about the anthrax source, vaccine and treatment just as 
there are about the West Nile Virus. 
 Because of WTC, perhaps more people will be vigilant regarding the aerial 
spraying of pesticides as a quick knee jerk response for the West Nile Virus. 
    Perhaps there will be less rush to chemical solutions as the nation 
becomes more aware of chemical / bio-terrorism.  
    Perhaps people will recognize that chemical warfare has already begun at 
home, in the USA with toxic chemicals as solutions to house cleaning, 
disinfecting, pest removal, food preservation, etc.
    Perhaps the workers affected by WTC will be able to receive medical 
attention, disability and support, unlike those of the Gulf War Syndrome or 
those with MCS.
     Perhaps there will be a louder voice of citizens raising their concerns 
on the effects of chemicals on our environment and on our health.
     Perhaps the recently passed National Health Tracking System will include 
MCS and will be signed by the President.
     We can Hope - We can Pray and We can take action so that our "Perhaps" 
becomes a "Reality".


ECHO's Goals and Objectives were developed at the September Retreat and at 
Executive Board meetings:

1. Explore the feasibility of orgnizing an MCS Support Group by 2005

Objectives for MCS Awareness Week - May 4 to 10, 2003 
1.  Arrange for an ECHO Display at the Legislative Office Building 
2.  Contact Governors office for MCS Proclamation
3.  Develop brochure for pesticide education for Day Care Centers 
4.  Display MCS information aat at least 4 organizational events.

1.Collaborate with Health Care With Out Harm (HCWH)on Pesticides and Frangrances Issues.
2. Work with Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) on MCS Issues.
3. Work with DPH/DEP on Tracking Consortium
1. Support Clean air project with ConnPirg                       
2. Support legislation to strengthen IPM, Indoor air quality in Schools   
3. Support legislature on pesticide use.
4.Continue soliciting signatures on  petition to eliminate cosmetic use of pesticides. 

1. Participate in the CHE Scientific Work Group                                                                   
1.  Recruit an ECHO Membership Chairperson

  1. Evaluate the beneits of participation in Community Works of Connecitcut                                   

ECHO News:  

Want to help ECHO painlessly?  SNET will donate 5% of all you calls to ECHO.  
Sign up for Community Connections today.  Call 1-899-635-7638 and tell them 
you want your money to go to ECHO.  Or call ECHO for an application.  Please 
call today or sign up on the Internet at      
ECHO thanks the following people for signing up for Community Connections:  
Mrs. Nellie Wysocki, Jerome and Elaine Tomko, Tracy O'Donnell, Paul 
Mikkelson, Bruce and Pam Feathers Joyce Lodola, Agnes Jonas, Rosetta 
Vigoureux, Carolyn Mullen, Caroline Stevenson, Jerome J. Tomko, Tracy 
O'Donnell, Gordon Parmelee, Abraham Wiener, Judith Puhalski, and Elisabeth 
Levy, Joyce Kowalczyk and Daniel Simao!!!!!

     Citizen's Oil Co-op announced that their members on average have saved 
about 20 to 30 cents per gallon on heating oil.   The Citizen's Oil Co-op 
price averaged 82.9 for the first week in December.  The state average was $ 
1.11.9.    The Citizen's Oil Co-op is open to all residents of Connecticut 
and is currently serving all counties, except Litchfield County.  For 
additional information, contact Citizen's Oil Co-op at 860-561-6011 or  If an individual joins and names ECHO as the referral 
group, ECHO will receive $5 of the $10 startup fee charged to join the co-op.

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has a registry 
dedicated to chemically sensitive individuals.  The DEP website is:
To register you must provide the names and addresses of your neighbors to DEP 
as above.  Pesticide contractors are required to check the registry database 
prior to applying pesticides and must notify any person listed on the 
registry.  The DEP website also states, "Prior to performing ground spraying, 
the DEP will notify everybody listed on the database in the area of scheduled 
spraying." [DEP Mosquito Management Program.]

ECHO 15th  ANNIVERSARY 1992-2007

ECHO Annual Meeting and Dinner May 1, 2007 
Speaker: Pharmacologist Dr. Stephen Piechota

In January 1992 - 15 years ago - ECHO was formed as a statewide nonprofit, advocacy, support, education and referral organization for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and for others who care about its prevention. We are one of the first organizations in Connecticut linking environmental issues and public health.  And our MCS members are living proof of the linkage between the environment and health. 
To celebrate this anniversary, members will hold a pot-luck-dinner at the annual meeting on May 1, 2007 at 5:30 P.M. in Plainville. ECHO Board of Directors will be elected.  Bring a dish to share and a chair for outdoor dining, weather permitting!
Our speaker is Dr. Stephen Piechota who will share his expertise in achieving optimum health through nutrition, and natural medicines.  He is a pharmacologist and owner of two health and nutrition centers.  Dr. Piechota is host of the radio program "Alternative Health Matters" on WATR 1320 AM in Waterbury. He's been a guest on more than a hundred TV and radio shows and has created "VIA NOVA" - a professionally guided system of self-care that integrates various alternative disciplines: clinical nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, etc.
The meeting is fragrance-free.  Please refrain from wearing perfume, hairspray, aftershave, fabric softener, new leather or dry-cleaned clothes.  New members are welcome!!!        RSVP 860-632-0407 if no answer, call 570-472-0374 by 4/26/07.  
             The meeting will be held at the home of ECHO member Nancy Barton who lives at 131 Red Stone Hill in Plainville. 
Directions: From Hartford take 84 West to Route 72 (Exit 33). Stay on 72 to the end. Go straight through traffic light, you will be on Bohem Street which becomes Red Stone Hill. Go through another traffic light, and then a stop sign. Keep straight.  You will pass Broad Street and a Methodist Church. About a 1/2 mile on the right see  131 Red Stone Hill - a white house with blue shutters with a brown mansion across the street.  
  From New Haven:   Take Route 15 N (Wilbur Cross Pkwy)                  to exit 68W to RT 691 West. Stay on RT 691 for about 7 miles. Take exit 2 onto I-84 East. Take exit 32 Queens Street. Turn Right under I-84 overpass onto Queen Street (also route 10) for approximately 1.5 miles. You will pass the Southington/Plainville border; you'll pass an Agway on left. Take a hard left onto Townline Road (Route 177).  Townline Road becomes Red Stone Hill. At the top of the hill Red Stone bares to the right. Make sure to stay on the main road. The house is about 1 mile on the left. Ph. 860-747-2204 . 

            To celebrate MCS Awareness Week, ECHO members will be at the Legislative Office Building May 3, 2007 with displays and videos on MCS educating legislators, staff and public on pesticide hazards and health effects of fragrances.  Please join us if you can.